Tulkkiyhteys offers high-quality over the phone Finnish interpreting services throughout Finland.

We will connect you to an interpreter who is an expert in your required languages, additionally he/she is knowledgeable in your field's specific terminology. Get your free online quote now! 

All our interpreters possess at least five years of experience in different interpreting fields and industries with focus on health care industry but also social services, education, judicial processes as well as working with day-care and school professionals. You will be connected to the interpreter who perfectly suits your area of expertise. Tulkkiyhteys is based in uusimaa, Espoo but you can book an interpreter from all over Finland.

Our interpreting languages are constantly expanding, at the moment we offer interpreting services in the following languages: Albanian, arabic, azerbaijani, bengali, dari, english, french, hindi, kinyaruanda, kurdish (sorani), nepali, pashto, persian (farsi), russian, somali, swahili and turkish.

Examples of situations that suit over the phone interpreting

Primary health services

  • General assessment
  • Informing about imaging/Laboratory test results
  • Patient education
  • Dentist visits

Social care

  • Financial aid decisions
  • Services for the disabled
  • Unemployment aids

Hospital settings

  • Patient admissions
  • Surgery instructions
  • Physical therapy

Day care centers and schools

  • Performance appraisals
  • Student transfers
  • Wilma (User name and passwords, user guidelines)

Asylum seekers

  • Families
  • Children 
  • Attending to daily needs of clients in reception centers


  • Different modes of therapy:  For example psychotherapy and sexual therapy.


1,2 €/minute + VAT 24%, minimum charge 30 minutes

Payement by billing using one of the following invoice methods: Email, mailing invoice or online invoice.

Free cancellation when booking is cancelled more than 24h till the interpreting time starts Book an interpreter now!

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